I'm a digital artist. I draw with a mouse. My work is a synthesis of heart, music, digital and nano
technologies. My intent is to create poetic images that are "orchid-room"friends for the viewer. An
"orchid-room friend is one who has a positive and comforting influence.

I use a computer and software as the primary tools in the creative realization of my "painted" visions,
whereas a traditional painter may use a brush, paint and canvas, a printmaker may use crayon, stone,
press and paper, and a photographer works with camera, film,chemicals and paper.

Drawing firsthand on a blank "canvas" computer screen, I strive to achieve the look and feel of
traditional media. Using the mouse as my brush, my challenge is to realize something aesthetic, organic
and expressive with this mechanical devise. And contrary to the one dimensional nature of this
medium, I love to create textures.

All my works are produced as limited edition
Giclee prints on the highest quality imported archival
papers. And I may create one of a kind pieces using a print as the foundation and mixed media.

Please visit the Galleries and enjoy your stay.

Thank you for visiting.

Peach Pair
M Y  W O R K

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Digital paintings by Peach Pair